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Fusion is an outstanding spa!

Having had several treatments from Tiffany I was thrilled to try Lisa. She's great too. She is carefully trained by Tiffany, obviously very experienced and a pleasure to work with. She looked over my chart, noted that I had sensitive skin, and checked in with me all along the way. Her touch was gentle but firm - even pore cleaning with the pointy things didn't hurt much at all. Fusion is an outstanding spa - I've made it my go-to place and book regularly. Lisa is a welcome addition, and a great choice for the spa - now there are more appointment times for this highly popular pampering spot!

Anonymous New York , NY June 14, 2018

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She has me for life!

Where do I start?...Tiffany is rare; she has integrity, compassion, and charm. Her techniques and the way she customizes every facial, mixing & adding new things... I always can't wait until I go again! She definitely has a gifted touch and is meticulous & thorough in every thing she does. She recommends products, but first gives you samples, as not to push. It's her education that sells the products, and she is always right about what is best or how I can save! Her Spa is immaculately clean & organized; and with the delicious candles, the soothing music and her soft voice...the atmosphere is relaxing, even for a chemical peel or a waxing!!! She has me, my husband, and my children (when they get older) for life! Just look at Tiff's skin!

Anonymous New York , NY June 14, 2018

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She offers a level of service that’s unparalleled.

At 26, I can finally say my acne is in remission. When I met Tiffany in 2003, I was fed up with dermatologists, cortisone shots, acutane, topical medications and oral medications to clear up my cystic acne and problematic skin. I was encouraged after my first (2 hour long) facial with Tiffany that there was a way to clear up my skin. Tiffany designed a plan to rebalance my skin, using regularly scheduled facials, and a product line that was affordable and functional as a catalyst toward long lasting clear skin. My facials are still a foundation for staying clear, using peels, micro-dermabrasion and dermaplaining we are improving the overall appearance of my skin due to acne scarring. Tiffany takes her clients skin care and health very seriously. She is a wealth of information, and is offering a level of service that's unparalleled in the industry.

Anonymous New York , NY June 14, 2018

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I felt like I was floating in the clouds.

Thank you Lisa. Personalized, quality service doesn't come around often, so make an appointment. From the moment I arrived I felt as if I were a queen. Tiffany and Lisa took the time to get to know my background in order to help personalize my treatment (an amazing facial). Lisa made sure that I was comfortable and that I was aware of what she was doing. I was completely relaxed and felt like I was floating in the clouds. I felt healthy and vibrant as I left my appointment. The whole experience was truly an amazing one.

Anonymous New York , NY June 14, 2018

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