Reflexology is one of our cutting edge massage techniques to improve and maintain your overall health and wellness. Our reflexology experts understand that by manipulating your feet and in some cases your hands and ears – we can help make other seemingly unrelated parts of your body feel better and relax you to oblivion!

Reflexology works through the understanding that every zone of the body is represented in your feet. When the correct part of your foot is massaged in the right way, positive energy moves through your life force and helps heal a particular part of the body.

This pressure point therapy alleviates stress by unblocking, balancing, and restoring the flow of bio-energy (Qi/Chi) along the meridian pathways.

We recommend reflexology for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The release of endorphins through the body
  • The promotion of lymphatic flow
  • The dissolving of uric acid cysts
  • Relieves headaches, sinus disorders, and other illnesses
  • Great for PMS
  • Overall stress relief.

After your reflexology session you should feel relaxed, healthy and stress-free!

30 minute session: $60

What Sets Us Apart

  • Excellent, High Quality Spa Service & Treatments
  • Thorough & Meticulous Extractions & Facials
  • Unparalleled Finesse
  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Dedicated to Comfortable & Relaxed Treatments
  • Soothing, Peaceful Spa Atmosphere
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  • In-Depth Knowledge of Nutrition to Help Achieve Clear, Healthy, Radiant Skin