About Fusion Spa in Chelsea, NYC

Tiffany Albert, owner of Fusion Spa

Tiffany Albert, owner & creator of Fusion Spa, moved to Manhattan from Austin, Tx in 1997 (where she studied health sciences & pre-nursing) to embark on a new career in skin care. Success quickly followed as word spread throughout the city about her extraordinary talents, passion and knowledge that brought her two Best Facialist Awards, Woman of the Year (2 consecutive years) for her dedication and commitment to excellence within her profession, as well as being published for outstanding accomplishments in the field of business ownership.

Tiffany is a NY licensed esthetician through the Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, Inc. She also holds a license in Medical Aesthetics from the University of Central Texas, as well as many dozens of certificates in her field, including 2 Holistic Health Coaching certificates to heal her clients from candida, obesity, digestive/gut/liver/autoimmunity disorders & even diabetes. She also helps those in need of hormone balancing & detoxification. All methods are healthy, safe, non-toxic and successful!

Located in the heart of Chelsea, NYC, her facial suite nestled within Bloom Beauty Lounge is where she performs rejuvenating and healing skin treatment for all skin types and conditions – utilizing both science and nature in her systematic approach to provide result-oriented and personalized treatments for acne, photo-damaged/aging, and sensitive skin – restoring the skin’s health by using the freshest, restorative, corrective, non-inflammatory, non-toxic and even award-winning ingredients & formulations customized to each client’s needs. She stands wholly on her 24-year mission of fusing the science of clinical skin care and the art of intuitive touch with result-oriented treatments and unparalleled talent in a professional and peaceful environment.

With her broad knowledge of cosmetic chemistry, skin disease/disorders as well as nutrition – and how toxins, pathogens and emotions affect the health of the skin, gut, brain, liver, hormones, and immunity – Tiffany is able to help her clients on a deeper level by offering them a comprehensive, advanced service to achieve clean, healthy, radiant skin. She never hesitates to give wise tips to fuse nutrition into their skin care regimen and their lifestyle. Tiffany attributes her success to her diligence, continued education, and her passion for her profession. She also practices what she teaches!

Of course, your feedback to her is highly welcomed and appreciated in helping her to strive for excellence, keep you valued and happy, and continue to earn your raving reviews that grow her opportunity to help so many others that are seeking the truth to optimal skin health and internal wellness. She’s most happy when you find your experiences to be enjoyable, valuable, positive and beneficial!

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Excellent, High Quality Spa Service & Treatments
  • Thorough & Meticulous Extractions & Facials
  • Unparalleled Finesse
  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Dedicated to Comfortable & Relaxed Treatments
  • Soothing, Peaceful Spa Atmosphere
  • Create Individualized Treatment Plans
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Nutrition to Help Achieve Clear, Healthy, Radiant Skin