Chemical Peel

Chirally Correct Chemical Peels (stimulate cellular renewal at a deeper level – Face/Body):

Blueberry Smoothie (10% Lactic, Blueberries, Blue Corn Meal, Aloe, Jasmine, Turmeric, Basil, & Pearl Powder): $20 as an add-on exfoliator to any regular facial.

Pomegranate Peel (15% Pure Lactic (chirally corrected to equal the benefits of over 30% Lactic), Papaya Enzyme, Pomegranate Oil, Green Tea and a potent antioxidant from Green Algae): $30 as an add-on. Brightening and smoothing!

Benefit Peel Benefit Peel (20% Vitamin C, 10% Retinol, Pineapple Enzymes, 1% Salicylic Acid, Shea Butter)…minimal peeling: $150. Great for brightening & tightening!

Purity Peel (10% Retinol, 4.25% Salicylic and Lactic Acids and L-TCA, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties): $150 – $200, depending on layering. Perfect for Acne!

Timeless Peel (30% Retinol and 20% Lactic Acid) 1-3 days reddening, then peeling for up to 7 days. Eliminates 80% of precancerous cells!: $300 and up, depending on layering. Designed to brighten, lighten, and tighten! Includes Prep Kit and Gentle Waves LED treatment ($145 value).

Blueberry Jessner Peel (14% each of Lactic, Salicylic, Resorcinol): $25+ (spot treatment) / $100/layer (face & bodily areas).

BioActive Peel: $200 , A no downtime 4-layer peel of 20%Salicylic Acid, Plant Enzymes,30% Lactic Acid and 15%TCA to smooth skin’s texture, correct acne, congestion, photo-damage & pigmentation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and calm inflammation deep down! Every 6 to 12 weeks is recommended. (45 mins.)

Spot Treatment (with any peel): $10 – $50, depending on area of face/body.

Osmosis Facial Infusion Peel – $125, A rejuvenating, brightening, tightening non-chemical peel that generates collagen production and boosts results of Osmosis homecare. Highly active ingredients in a unique delivery system for optimal dermal therapy. For acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmented skin.

Add-On Peels:

  • Papaya-Lactic Peel (35% Lactic): $30
  • Revitalizing Cream Peel for Norm-Dry / Aging skin. (Our hydrating/brightening cocktail of the Pomegranate Peel, Resurfacing Lactic Cream & Vitamin C crystals – massaged in!): $30

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